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You Are About To Discover the Secret Resource That EVERY Winning Warrior, Legendary General, Emporers, Conquerors, World Leaders and Billionaires Since the 5th Century Have Used For Success!

Dear Friend,

The Warrior’s “Ultimate Playbook” Is Here!

The fact that you are reading this right now means you are warrior-minded. You’re not one of the Sheeple in the Masses.

You know that as a Warrior it is your responsibility to avail yourself of the wisdom, knowledge and skills you need to give you the edge in the battlefield of life.

That’s why you’re here now. And you have come to the right place.

Teaching, Training and Empowering Warriors is what I do best and I’m known around the world for it.

And right now, I’m going to give you the absolute ultimate resource of every Warrior from the 5th Century to this very day….

With Rocket-Fuel Added To It!

I’m sure you’ve heard of THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu. You may even own a copy. It’s literal Bible and go-to Resource for every great General, Emporer, Samurai and Ninja Clan Leader you’ve ever heard of. And for any major World Leader you’ve heard of. It’s even required reading at West Point United States Military Academy. It can be found in the library of every Super Power World Leader, and Billionaire CEO’s.

That makes it a damn special book, right?


Well here’s what makes it even more special than at any time in History. I’ve been immersed in the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Martial Arts for over 30 years. My breakthrough discoveries into the secrets of ancient warriors revolutionized the self-development field and put my name on the map, eventually getting me inducted into the Hall of Fame twice!

After years of transfomational seminars, teachings and courses, I decided to look to the ultimate treatise on war itself: The Art of War…

And I Discovered A Game-Changer!

You might have heard that there is a secret “code” in the Bible, a powerful meaning and message that is not obvious to those who simply read it. The same has been said for many other sacred or ancient books. The same thing with the movie The Secret, and other legendary teachings.

In the Art of War it’s no different, but no one has put it out there yet!

Either they haven’t discovered it, or they don’t want to share it because it’s so damn powerful. Well guess what? I discovered it and I’m going to share it with you.

You see, I deeply and rigorously studied countlesss translations of the Art of War, including the oldest one known in existence, as well as their interpretor’s secrets. I’m talking about Master Warriors like…

T’sao T’sao One of the most highly distinguished military leaders in Chinese History, known for his strategy and heroism, and also being well versed in martial and cultural arts.

Li Quan Fom the Legendary Mountain of Few Abodes where Bodhidharma (known in Japan as Daruma) who was known as the originator of the training that begat Shaolin Kung Fu,  Li was also a proponent of the Yin Convergence Classic, a treasure trove of secret ancient wisdom.

Chen Hao Starting his Warrior career at the age of 20, he put together armies to defend his homeland, and even raised an army in secret to thwart a hostile takeover!

Wang Xi A highly revered author and scholar in the Imperial Academy, a major influence on his culture!

As well as Du Me, Mei Yaochen, Zhang Yu, Du You, and Meng Shi

I Could Write An Entire Book On Any of These Great Warriors in Their Own Right! Their combined “CIRCLE OF POWER” is a literal Council of Master Warriors. Having Their Insights and The Results They Experienced With the The Art of War on the Battlefield and in Daily Life isn’t just a Goldmine…. it’s a DIAMOND Mine!

And Then I Took It 10 Steps Further

Listen. I use a laser-focused approach to get right to the Essentials in any situation. When it came to The Art Of War, I was in “the crucible”. This is where I intuit paths from the Void (if you’ve ever heard Bruce Lee talk about “The Void”, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you will discover this life-changing Axiom in The Modern Art Of War and have YOUR “Light-Switch Moment!)

During this, the “Modern Art Of War Code” was revealed to me. I intuited it subconsciously and then chanelled it consciously for modern interpretation and actual “how-to” in TODAY’S world. You can consider it an ART OF WAR 10.0

Just Imagine The New-Found POWER You’ll Have…

When you discover that YOU, yes You are a literal Army of One.

You see, this isn’t just for real Military Commanders, soldiers and SWAT TEAM Leaders.

It isn’t just for big corporate CEO’s plotting hostile takeovers and market manipulation.

It isn’t just for Billionare football team owners and NFL coaches like Bill Bellechik who used the Art of War to lead the Patriots to Victory.

It isn’t just for Donald Trump who has read it several times and is a Master of the Game (you can love him or hate him, but he wins his battles using The Art of War!)

It isn’t just for world leaders.

It’s For YOU

You are the Leader in your life. You are the Leader of Your World. In each and every one of these life-changing chapters I will give strategies with modern tactics you can use to WIN ON THE BATTLEFIELD OF YOUR LIFE. Here are the Chapters covered on all 8 discs in the Modern Art of War, with Real-World How-To for Conquering Every Area of Life














My friend I could write 100 pages on what each chapter will download warrior tools and skills into your brain as you listen to these 8 new discs. The bottom line is this: if you’re serious about being a warrior in command of your own life, which means you’re serious about winning and getting what you want and living the way you want, then this is for you.

AND you’ll get a Free Bonus worth 300.00…

It’s Called “Dark Espionage”

It will show you the unseen amazing value of Intelligence Gathering (think of that term right there “intelligence gathering”, how could that NOT benefit anyone?!). In Dark Espionage you’ll discover how to do it, and how to protect yourself from espionage.

I’ve laid it on the line here, the rest is up to you. We love to reward Action Takers because only Action Takers win. This is your opportunity fellow warrior.

Order now, and I’ll see you in The Modern Art Of War!